Happy New (Brain Cell) Year!

Brain puzzleHappy New (Brain Cell) Year!

There are many ways to ring in the New Year. Some more worldly traditions include inebriation—a definite brain cell destroying activity. But there are far more options which can lend toward a stronger, sharper brain—by the very next day! So why not begin 2018 with more brain cells than you had the day before?

Have fun fortifying your brain on New Year’s Day with these ‘Brain-Gainers’:

Stretch Your Brain

As we age, our brain cells begin to die off and the connections from brain cell to brain cell become damaged. You can reverse these two trends by putting your brain to work. Celebrate January 1st by asking your family and friends to join you in some group games which require memory, concentration, or creativity, such as “Catch Phrase®”, “Guesstures®2”, or Telestrations®3—or, follow my family’s lead and set about to build a 500-piece puzzle!

Feed Your Brain

If your brain is going to be healthy, it has to be fed a wholesome diet. Instead of indulging in some “brain-draining” party favorites (soft drinks, packaged baked goods, and chips which are cooked in artery clogging trans fats), begin this new year on a healthier note. Serve up some brain nourishing fresh vegetables and hummus, have plenty of plain seltzer/sparkling water on hand with slices of fresh citrus fruit, and toss up an enticing salad loaded with fresh raspberries, grilled chicken, and crumbled goat cheese.

Unclog Your Brain

Dementia often results from poor brain circulation.  Your brain uses 20% of your body’s fuel so it needs an unhampered system to deliver that nutrition, as well as an ample oxygen supply to “breathe”, and a reliable flushing system to remove waste products. In order to enhance these transactions, you and your guests can get your blood pumping on New Year’s Day by dancing to some party tunes or by playing a high action, heart pumping game such as Dance Dance Revolution®4 on the Wii.

May you and your family have a happy, healthy 2018!


1Catch Phrase®, by Parker Brothers

2Guesstures®, by Hasbro

3Telestrations®, by USAopoly

4Dance Dance Revolution®, by Nintendo

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