Snoring—Beyond The Noise

snoringSnoring—Beyond The Noise

You pull your pillow against your ears and try to drown out the cacophony of sounds emanating from the person in the bed next to you. Too bad you weren’t the one to fall asleep first this night!

Snoring often send spouses off to separate bedrooms, not because they don’t want to share the same bed any longer—but because one partner is losing some serious sleep, while the other obliviously snores and snorts the whole night through.

For many snorers, the loss of their bed buddy doesn’t begin to compare to the health losses they are racking up for themselves. Now not all snoring is harmful, but when it is accompanied by repetitive halted breathing during the night, then you might be plagued with the serious condition known as sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea creates a condition known as oxidative stress within your body. The periodic lack of oxygen that your brain and body must endure significantly increases your risk of heart disease (20x greater), motor vehicle accidents (15x greater), stroke (10x greater), dementia, sudden death, and overall a decrease in your longevity!

Evaluation for sleep apnea is best performed in a reputable sleep center, by a physician who is a Board Certified Sleep Specialist (no take home devices, please—they are wholly inadequate). If it is determined that you do indeed have sleep apnea, please follow through with your doctor’s recommendations—the quality and quantity of your life is at stake!

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