Get Ready to Be Blessed

GiftsGet Ready to Be Blessed

Merry Christmas!

The fact that you’ve taken the time to read this week’s Monday Morning Health Tip amidst all the flurry of holiday activity has me both grateful and humbled.

Today I’d like to add my gift to your pile by teaching you something I learned a few years ago pertaining to the very word “BLESSED”.

In Hebrew, the language of the Old Testament (OT), there are two unique words which we have (sadly) translated into the same English word: blessed. The first “blessed” found in the OT is the word baruch which means “to be blessed”—the very act or account of having been blessed by another. It encompasses the bestowal of favor, the sanctification of our souls, being welcomed, set apart, and lavished with undeserved gifts. (Okay, I know this might sound unremarkable so far, but stick with me here…)

The second word for “blessed” found in the OT is Asher, which by comparison, means “to feel blessed”. And here is where the true gem lies. Many of us know in our minds that we have, indeed, been blessed. We get up out of bed on strong legs, eat until we are full, drive cars, have a roof over our heads, and most importantly, have had our sin-debt paid by a selfless Savior.

You see, being blessed can sometimes become a “given”, but feeling blessed, well, that is a whole different story! Many times, our human (sin-filled) nature can keep us focused on all that we lack, on what others have that we want, and on our unfulfilled longings. It takes effort and intention on our part to become “Asher”—to live a life where, being cognizant of the fact that we have been “baruch”, we respond with contentment and confidence, feeling every ounce of blessing that has come to us from above.

Thank you for continuing to join me on this journey to Get Healthy for Heaven’s Sake. May you and yours be blessed (baruch) and feel blessed (Asher) this Christmas season and throughout the upcoming year!


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