Celebrating 5 Years!

Lisa Morrone 3Celebrating 5 Years!

Where has all this time gone? Five, whole years–really?

I remember the first time I sat down at my computer to write a Monday Morning Health Tip and wondering if anyone would be on the receiving end of my email or visit my website to have a read. Today, five years later, there are over 1500 persons registered to receive these health tips! My weekly emails have experienced a consistent “open (read) rate” of between 31-38%, which I’ve been told by the “marketing experts” is a rare accomplishment as most subscribed newsletters average about a 20% “open rate”. So thank you, for clicking on and reading up on all things healthy.

Statistics like these have convinced me that this effort of mine on behalf of you, my readers, has been a worthwhile venture…though, I must admit, it took far more hours each month than I had originally expected to choose topics, write, rewrite, edit, and post these important and sometimes downright tasty morsels of health information.

Weekly I receive feedback from readers of this bloggy newsletter as to how they have benefited from the advice or education I have offered them. The most significant email was from a dear woman who, after reading my “June is Men’s Health Month” tip, began to implore her husband to go for his long-overdue checkup. He finally acquiesced a month later. During that examination, his cardiologist found a significant heart vessel blockage and scheduled him for emergency surgery! She was writing to me in the aftermath, to thank me for saving her husband’s life and the quality of her future together with him.

Wow…can you spell H-U-M-B-L-E-D?

Friends, this journey which has included six books, five years of Monday Morning Health Tips, national seminars and speaking engagements, and countless radio and television interviews, began back in 2006 when the Lord prompted me to write–specifically on the topic of “Restoring Your Temple”. I remain in awe of all the Lord has chosen to do through a simple physical therapist like myself. Thank you for joining me in this journey. I only hope that you have been blessed half as much as I have!

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