Bicycle Safety

bicycle safetyBicycle Safety

For me, the maiden spring voyage on my bicycle marks the end of winter’s dreariness.

The Morrone family has long had a love for the road on two wheels. This passion was instilled in us by my husband’s affinity for the sport. His dozen-plus, 100 mile/day biking trips have held us in awe each time they are recounted. As teenagers, my children robustly joined their father on New York City’s Five Borough (45 mile) Bike Tours on a couple of occasions. Me? I am an under-achiever. I tend to keep my two-wheelin’ road travels to below 10 miles.

Even more important than the love of bike riding that my husband has instilled in us is his absolute insistence on safe biking practices. So, now that I’ve been properly “schooled” by him, I will pass on the love and “school you”.

Helmets- NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT ONE FIRMLY ATTACHED TO YOUR HEAD! (Did I say that loud enough?) Make sure your helmet rides low on your forehead and is snuggly secured under your chin. This way, should your head hit the pavement—or any other firm object—your brain will have a fighting chance of survival.

Clothes- Make sure you do not ride with wide pant legs or untied shoe laces flapping in the breeze. Either of these could get snagged in your bicycle chain and bring your ride to an unappreciated, abrupt halt.

Mirrors- If you plan to bike where there is significant traffic, a lightweight, rear view mirror which attaches to your bike helmet is the way to go.

Brakes- Make sure yours are in working order. Winter moisture and inactivity can cause your braking mechanism to rust. Check both front AND rear brakes. If the rear brakes fail, you will find yourself “head over heels” in a quick stopping situation.

Road surface condition- Careful attention should be paid to the potential road surface risks that lie ahead. Sticks, sand, winter-borne potholes, and the like can make for unhappy ending to your bike ride. Can you say road rash?

Spring is finally here, folks. Let’s bike responsibly!

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