Neck Pain That’s Gone to Your Head

headacheNeck Pain That’s Gone to Your Head

Since graduating from physical therapy school in 1989, I have lost count as to how many patients with head/neck pain I have treated. My guess would put the number somewhere up at a thousand. With that much history I have to say that most people coming for treatment of head pain have determined (for themselves) that they are either suffering from migraines—because their pain is severe, or “sinus headaches”—because their pain lies across their forehead and behind their eyes.

My secret joy comes while I am busy treating the necks of my patients and suddenly their “sinuses clear” or their “migraines” reduce in intensity! You see, I know something that most of my patients don’t—the “con-NECK-tion” between their neck dysfunction and their head pain.

If you (or someone you care about) have been struggling with chronic headaches and have not had your neck evaluated and treated, then don’t waste another day! Get yourself in the hands of a gifted practitioner. Treatment for neck-induced head pain must be eclectic, including postural and ergonomic instruction, skilled, hands-on mobilization of the soft tissues, joints, and discs in the upper back and neck, and, in some cases, treatment of the rib cage.

What has made me a sold out believer in this method of thorough assessment and treatment of head pain? The nearly 100% success rate I have achieved with my own patients. And these former head pain sufferers are not merely experiencing a reduction in pain intensity or frequency, their treatments have resulted in full resolution of their symptoms…for many years later!

To begin on your journey towards pain free days, months, and years, pick up a copy of my book, Overcoming Headaches and Migraines. In it you will find a great deal of education and many self-treatment options—which may be all you need to show your pain the door. (My friend’s daughter needed only to change her sleeping posture for a 100% cure!)

If you do need to put yourself in the hands of a physical practitioner, my book will give you critical guidance in your search for a truly healing pair of hands.

May you soon discover healing for the neck pain that’s gone to your head!

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