A Week of Power-Packed Breakfasts

Breakfast of championsA Week of Power-Packed Breakfasts

Arguably one of the worst things you could do when trying to maintain (or regain) a healthy body weight is to skip breakfast.

If I were to liken your metabolism to a campfire, your nocturnal fast/lack of fueling would reduce your fire to a few glowing embers come morning. Eating breakfast within an hour after you wake is like adding kindling to those fading embers. Once the embers of your metabolism have been stoked back into flame by your morning meal (fueling), then the rest of the day you will have a hot fire (or an activated metabolism) on which to burn your lunch and dinner “logs”.

In a hurried world—if we eat anything at all for breakfast—we tend to “grab and go”. A donut, muffin, bagel, or a cup of coffee (to hold you over) are undoubtedly quick and easy, yet none of these make good fueling choices.

So, I’d like to make this easier for you by suggesting a full week of healthy breakfast options…or should I say breakfast opportunities? ; )

SUNDAY: Fried eggs, turkey bacon, sprouted grain toast

MONDAY: Steel cut oatmeal, walnuts, cinnamon, a pinch of brown sugar, and a splash of milk

TUESDAY: Hard-boiled egg “twins”, a cheese stick/slice

WEDNESDAY: Cottage cheese, sliced almonds and bananas, and drizzled with raw honey

THURSDAY: Veggie-Cheese-n-Egg “Muffins” (scrambled together, baked in a greased muffin tin, frozen, then microwaved for midweek ease)

FRIDAY: High fiber cereal, low fat milk, pecans and blueberries

SATURDAY: Scrambled eggs with diced tomatoes, sliced scallions, and crumbled Feta or goat cheese

You can prepare many of these foods ahead of time to speed things up during the week, as is the case with the turkey bacon, steel cut oatmeal, egg “muffins”, and the hard-boiled eggs.

Ladies and Gentleman—stoke your metabolic fires!

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