Dress Up Your Chicken Salad

Chicken saladDress Up Your Chicken Salad

We are all guilty of getting stuck in a rut when it comes to food preparation. But let’s face it, even the “oldies, but goodies” get old after a while!

Take traditional chicken salad, for instance. Just add some mayo, a dice of celery, S&P and there you have it. Slap it between two slices of bread and you’re good to go, right? Yeah, okay, so it will fill your stomach, but will it satisfy your “soul”?

What if, instead, you used the chicken/mayo part as your “canvas” and then “painted it” with fresh new strokes of colorful flavors? Here are a few chicken salad change ups that I enjoy serving my family. I know they will bring new popularity to this old favorite around your home.


Begin with your chicken (fresh, shredded or diced, or in a pinch, canned) and mayo (regular, light, olive oil variety…whatever you prefer) “canvas”, and then add to it any these taste bud thrillers:

Mango Madness: Cubed mangos, avocados, and Dijon mustard

Grape Nuts: Halved grapes (red or green), raw cashews

Asian Delight: Sliced almonds and mandarin orange sections, orange zest

Curried Craisins: Craisins, pecan pieces, curry spice concoction

Very Veggie: Shredded red cabbage, carrots, broccoli stems, some red onion, celery powder

Apple of My Eye: Small, diced apple pieces, chopped walnuts

So don’t chicken out the next time you need to make some salad—create a tasty masterpiece.

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