Show Your Food Some Respect!

quinoaShow Your Food Some Respect!

Most days do you find yourself rushing while you eat—scrambling just to get something into your stomach? Do you frequently chow down while standing at your kitchen counter, spoon in one hand, food container in the other or do you often find yourself leaning over your kitchen sink in an attempt to spare the floor from the cascade of crumbs?

Furthermore, if and when your food actually does make it to the “big time” and gets “plated up”, does a floppy paper plate suffice, so that after your meal is consumed you can quickly dispose of the “evidence”?

Well, slow down and show your food some respect, why don’t you?! (Sassy attitude inserted.)

My friend, (sassy attitude retracted), eating is meant to be a time of enjoyment, a chance to reflect on God’s provision, and an occasion to indulge all of your God-given senses: taste, smell, texture, sight, and sound (Now who doesn’t love a snappy crunch?). The thing is, if you neglect to “absorb your food” through these five senses, you will likely find you are driven to overindulge in portion size in order to make up for the lack of fulfillment in other areas—such as visual delight.

What I am suggesting you try is something that I do myself—even though I take a ribbing at times from my own family members. I consistently give my food the consideration it deserves by sitting down to eat my meals, and often times, my snacks as well. I always “plate my food” as if it was being served at a restaurant: on a ceramic dish, not a paper plate (unless, of course, I am at an outdoor picnic or BBQ). When my food is well-presented, my eyes are well pleased. This way, I find I eat less because my eating has a higher “satisfaction rating” on the “5-senses scale”.

So do the respectful thing: pull out a chair for yourself and get your food a plate!

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