Steer Clear of Germs this Winter

supermarket wagonSteer Clear of Germs this Winter 

Well, it’s cold and flu season again—when venturing out in the public some days can make you feel like you are in a snow globe of germs. People everywhere are sneezing, coughing, wiping, blowing…it’s enough to give any healthy person the creeps, right?

Your first line of defense against picking up someone else’s germs is to not be such an easy target. By that I mean you must work to keep your own immune system strong this winter. A well-slept, properly fed human makes for a Teflon®-slick specimen. In addition to clocking at least 7 hours of sleep each night, you should make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables with brightly colored flesh (high in immune-boosting nutrients), take your vitamins, and keep yourself well hydrated.

Next you want to avoid mindlessly/habitually rubbing your eyes, nose, or touching your mouth throughout the day. Your hands are carriers of other people’s germs—don’t use them to carry those unwanted “bugs” directly to your moist, germ-incubating openings.

When in public places such as gyms, restaurants, or church, use your forearm to push open doors whenever possible. Also, use a paper towel when turning off a public water faucet and opening the door upon leaving a restroom. Many supermarkets now have sanitizer sheets nearby the shopping carts. Don’t pass up this opportunity to pass on someone else’s germs!

Finally whenever you return home from the outside world you should walk directly to the sink—do not pass “Go”. Lather your hands, front and back, and wash for a full 10 seconds—enough time to sing one stanza of Row, Row Row Your Boat. (You may just want to keep those lyrics to yourself, though.)

By carefully following these suggestions you can avoid picking up all those germy hitchhikers.

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