Snacking on the Road

appleSnacking on the Road

Well, summertime is here, and for many of us, that means a road trip! Just because you are heading out on vacation, doesn’t mean you have to leave your healthy eating habits at home. A little forethought and a bit of extra packing will allow you to keep up your good nutritional work on the road, so that you can afford to indulge here and there once you arrive at your final destination.

Snacking is inevitable, whether you are in a car, bus, or airplane. Be prepared by packing easily accessible nutritionally “safe” options. Here’s a list of suggestions: prepackaged (by you or the store) nuts—a hardy handful, low fat cheese sticks, a piece of portable fruit—such as an apple, some dried (unsweetened) fruit such as plums (I’m in love with the ones which have orange essence!) or apricots, low fat or balanced nutritional bars, a can of vegetable juice, carrot and celery sticks, and plenty of water to drink.

If you know you will be on the road during a meal and have the capacity to do so, pack a lunch made with a healthy fat, a complex carbohydrate, and a lean protein. Not only will this will keep you satisfied longer, but it will save you from the excessive calorie hit of a burger and fries, or a slice of airport pizza.

Calories should be enjoyed—especially when you’re on vacation! Using these preemptive eating strategies during the travel portion of your trip will allow you a bit more “caloric leeway” once you get to where you are going. And I’m sure the home cooking or restaurant fare will taste much better than the fast food options you’ll be tempted to partake in along the way!

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